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Layla is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a founder of  Trunk Animation. She is a BAFTA award winner and nominee, amongst many many other awards, and has the timing and wit that is second only to alchemy itself, she is animation gold, and the studios overall Creative Director.


The Imaginary Friend Society Presents | Radiation

The Imaginary Friend Society Presents | Radiation

Made with love for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation with RPA Los Angeles.

Julian Rhind-Tutt
Jane Horrocks

Layla Atkinson

Richard Barnett

Director of Photography
Peter Ellmore

Jono Yates

Focus Puller
Ollie Craig

Jock Mooney
Layla Atkinson

Harry Slinger-Thompson
Alex Potts
Jeremy Carlen
Layla Atkinson
John Harmer
Lucy Blackhurst

Rok Predin

Daniel Pemberton

Sound Design and Mix
Barnaby Templer @ Fonic
Marty O’Brian @ Fonic

Scissor Wizards
Lucy Blackhurst
Michaela Fairhurst
Zoe Dent
Jock Mooney
Chris Andrew
Marisa McLoughlin
Biddy Lloyd
John Dunn
Daisy Daniel
Cicely Mentis
Gary Rutter
Shirley McNicholas
Leyla McNicholas
Pip Piporo
John Harmer
Layla Atkinson
Richard Barnett

Model Makers
Jock Mooney
John Harmer
Richard Barnett

Dr A Leak

Fiona McKiernan

Camera and Grip
Take 2 Films


Clapham Road Studio

Voice Record
Soho Voices

Paper Stock
James Cropper Paper

Set Materials
Whitten Timber

Everyone involved in the making, as well as those behind the scenes: Kate Davie at United Agents, Barry Measure and Asha Chander at Take 2 Films, Kelly Amundsen at Panalux, Tim Nattrass at James Cropper, PCR Ltd, John Whitten at Whitten Timber, Paul Haslem at Benwells, Elizabeth Day at Clapham Road Studio, Dan Kreeger at The Mill, BIG Thank you to Jock Mooney.

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Cisco | Evolution of Success

Cisco | Evolution of Success

Director- Layla Atkinson
Producer- Richard Barnett
DOP- Pete Ellmore
Animation- John Harmer, Layla Atkinson
Voice Artist – Lorraine Hodgson
Art Department- Dave Perrin, Jock Mooney, John Harmer, Layla Atkinson, Adrian Leak, Stephanie Martin
CG and Compositing- Rok Predin, Pete Mellor
Gaffer: Jonathan Yates
Motion Control- Max Halstead
Composer- Ivan Arnold
Sound Design and Mix- Barnaby Templer and Chris Swaine @ Fonic
Lighting: Panalux
Motion Control Rig: Clapham Rd Studios
Senior Account Director- Chris Willocks
Agency- MRM Meteorite
Client- CISCO Systems Inc

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Narration- Julian Rhind-Tutt
Poem- Siegfried Sassoon

Director- Layla Atkinson
Producer- Richard Barnett
Animation- Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, John Harmer, Rok Predin, Jocie Juritz, Jacob Read,
Clelia Leroux
Music- Dom James
Sound- Fonic Audio Post
Mix- Barnaby Templer @ Fonic

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Jenius | One Touch

Jenius | One Touch

Animators: Nick Brooks, Alex Potts, James Turzynski, Harry Slinger-Thompson, Philip Askins, Simona Ciraolo
Illustrator: Spencer Wilson
Music: Adem Ihlan
Mix: Fonic
Directors: Pete Mellor, Layla Atkinson
Line Producer: Pedro Lino
Exec Producer: Richard Barnett

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Shirley Collins | Pretty Polly

Shirley Collins | Pretty Polly

Music and Vocals- Shirley Collins
“The Instrument”- Ian Keary
Drums- Alex Neilson

Commissioner- Bart McDonagh
Director- Layla Atkinson
Producer- Richard Barnett
DoP- Pete Ellmore
Gaffers- Jonathan Yates, Adam Bell
Illustration- Jock Mooney
Art Department Head- John Harmer
Art Department- Layla Atkinson, Rebecca Manley
Art Workers- Adrian Leak, Shirley McNicholas, Leyla McNicholas, Victoria Szelachowska, Lucy Blackhurst
Puppet Makers- Bernard Pilgrim, Garry Rutter, Richard Barnett, Jock Mooney
Puppeteers- Garry Rutter, Rebecca Manley
Scenery Shifters- Fiona Mckiernan, Mehmet Ulusahin, Luca Paulli, Rok Predin, Kieran Letts, Hannah Wilson, Violeta Paez Armando, Alec Kronacker, Pip Piporo
Rigging- Richard Barnett, Chris Heinhold
Grade- Jonny T at Glassworks
Lighting- Panalux
Lab- Kodak

Record Company- Domino Records

Thanks to- Rocket Van, London Diamond Drilling, Jack Wood at Glassworks, Flints, Bernard Pilgrim, Jane Pfaff, Karine Gama and Kelly Amundsen at Panalux, Kodak, Chris Harvey, Duncan Martin at Pro-Motion

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Red Bull | We Are All Stories

Red Bull | We Are All Stories

Storyteller: Zach Anner
Live Action Director: Craig Young
Animation Director: Layla Atkinson
Animation: Jon Clarke
Animation Designer: Dominic Beattie
Compositor: Rok Predin
Editor: Craig Young
Assistant Editor: Zoe Desgraupes
Series Director: Craig Young
Series Producer: Grant Cummings
Line Producer: Sarah Forbes Campbell
Line Producer: Daniel Negret
Animation Producer: Justin Weyers
Animation Exec Producer: Richard Barnett
D.O.P: Adam Feeny
Camera Assistant: Philip Sheldon
Sound Recordist: Martin Pederson
Floor Runner: Andi Jackson
Production Manager: Hussain Ahmed
Production Assistant: Jonah Sugden
Sound Designer: Raoul Brand
Animation Production: Made Visual Studio/Trunk
Line Producer For Red Bull Media House: Daniel Strobl
Executive Producers For Red Bull Media House: Steve Kidgell, Caroline Hunt

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Kylie Minogue | Only You

Kylie Minogue | Only You

Kylie Minogue featuring James Cordon
Track: Only You
Director: Layla Atkinson
Animators: Alasdair Brotherston, Layla Atkinson, Leslie Dart
Producer: Daniel Negret
Exec Producer: Richard Barnett
Commissioner: Andrew J Law
Label: Parlophone

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