Happy Christmas

Whoopie! it’s the last day of term at the studio today. Happy Christmas form all of us at Trunk.


Julian Lennon | Saltwater 25

We’ve just finished the music video for the 25th anniversary reissue of Julian Lennon’s nineties hit “Saltwater”. It was a Trunk directors all-hands-on-deck affair, co-directed by Layla Atkinson and Jock Mooney with compositing by Rok Predin. We also had some talented animation monkeys on the team. It’s a psychedelic odyssey.

Shirley Collins at Rough Trade

Last night we got to meet the wonderful Shirley Collins at an event on East London. She was interviewed on stage then performed a few songs. She was amazing, thanks for a magical evening Shirley.


Jenius CashTag

Jenius CashTag is a great feature that lets micro-business owners set up payments and receive money using their business name rather than a long and complicated account number.

Jenius Brand Film

This little films hints at how your financial life con be simplified by Jenius.

Jenius Pay Me

Easily transfer money to friends, family and foxy strangers with Jenius Pay Me. All you need is their phone number…

Jenius Split Bill

Avoid awkward negotiations with your gluttonous friends with the Split Bill feature of Jenius.

A Jenius interlude

Besides our charming and super-duper team of 2d animators, we got to work with composer Adem Ihlan on our Jenius films. He did an absolutely brilliant job, composing many different musical scores within some tight schedules. Our relationship with Adem goes way back into the mists of time…to 2005 when we made a video for his track “We Are Your Friends”. It was great to work with Adem again, he’s not changed a bit.